Gold jewels

I started my career as a jeweler working with gold, silver and cut stones, making clean but fairly prosaic work. I discovered it is a real challenge to make any kind of esthetic statement with something as small and precious as a ring- especially when that ring has to fit a customer's requirements. One thing I did strive for—and it has imbued all my art activities since—was a real sense of perfection in my work. I made every item so that it would appear flawless, even under the kind of magnification supplied by a jeweler's loupe. Most of this type of jewelry was done via lost wax casting, although I did some work with direct manipulation and soldering of gold and silver. For the most part, I set my own stones.

Although I had not done this kind of work in over 20 years, I came out of retirement in 2006 to make the wedding bands above for friends: two-piece bands in 14K yellow and white gold. The two halves are held together by friction, much like a marriage.

It did not take long to become disenchanted with the limitations this kind of work imposed on creative expression and within two years I was experimenting with radically different techniques. But I must say the basic grounding I got in detail and process has served me well.

Below are some examples of my precious jewelry work. Possibly the most interesting thing about it is that it was the starting point for my journey into cybernetics.