This is a resource page for courses I am teaching and for other areas I am involved in at AiP- OD.

GAD422 Portfolio Preparation

Course overview, including description, competencies and outline.

A list of required portfolio items with possible source courses

The PLAN for Portfolio Preparation, putting it all in context.

How to critique, so that you and others will profit from it.

A GDD can include... Many people do not seem to understand what a GDD is.

The final Week 6 Assignment 2 turn in table. It is worth almost as much as the entire rest of the course.

GAD432 Portfolio

A short Web Tutorial, showing how to set up a free Wix site.

A sample chronological resume

A sample cover letter

A sample acceptance letter

A sample business card

Q 3-6-9 Portfolio Reviews

Q3 rubric; Q6 rubric; Q9 rubric